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Mechanical Neck Pain

Treatment Plan

What's in this Video Therapy?

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You should have initial relief in about a week and significant improvement in 3 weeks if you stay with this program daily.  

First, you’ll learn the Microbreak : an incredibly efficient, easy to do, 30 second stretch / exercise you can do anywhere and throughout your day.  

Then, while you do your Microbreak, learn about Fundamentals to change Sitting, Sleeping, Working, and even Breathing habits, to stop repetitive microtrauma in its tracks.

Then you’ll learn 2 release exercises to increase bloodflow and release muscles that are locking in your neck posture. And after that corrective exercises to strengthen and align your posture.  

Every week you’ll have a daily routine that incorporates all of the above into a twice daily, 8 minute routine.  As you get stronger every week, you get a new Daily Routine to get you further down the path to healing.  

To get healed, this program asks you to everyday : 

  • 2 times daily, do an 8 minute Daily Routine of releases and exercises
  • At least every hour, do a 30 second microbreak
  • Continually work on changing those pain creating habits when you sit, work, sleep and breathe by being mindful of the Fundamentals.